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Porto – European Best Destination 2017

20 selected destinations have just competed for the prestigious title of Best European Destination 2017. After a three weeks’ period of online voting Porto won this title again for the third time.

Porto represents history, architecture, culture, gastronomy, trade and discoveries.
It has all the charm of towns which happily cohabit with their river. You can stroll along the River Douro in Cais da Ribeira, fly over it by helicopter or discover Ports’s architecture, its amazing landscapes and magnificent bridges by taking a cruise on this majestic river. Porto is also a sea city and in the briefest a tram will bring you to Foz do Douro’s gentle beaches face to face with the Atlantic.

Enter the sumptuously Palacio da Bolsa and walk through history with Portuguese adventures, follow the country’s trade routes and be stunned by the treasures which they brought back. Remarkable buildings such as the Sé Catédral and its terraces offer superb viewpoints over a bustle of markets, grocery stores, bars and restaurants.

Best things to do in Porto
There are thousands of things to do in Porto but discover the best ones!

Classico Porto – make your trip to Porto unforgettable

Rent a classical car. A private driver, dressed in a period custome, will pick you up at the hotel for an unforgettable trip through Porto. During that magical day, you will have the opportunity to capture the best moments thanks to a vintage camera.

Porto Six Bridges Cruise – one of the most beautiful activities Porto can offer

The best way to discover the six magnificent bridges is probably to take a riverboat cruise on one of the old boats which used to carry Porto’s wine cargoes. For a first visit the 50 minutes crossing will give you a good overview of the estuary and the distinctive architectures of the six bridges.

Historical Tram of Porto – fabulous way to discover Porto

Take your time to discover the full beauty of the historical heart of the city by taking one of the beautiful and well kept trams. Since 1895 Line 18 has been crossed most iconic parts of Porto. It can take you to the gardens of “Palacio do Cristal“.

Our Partner TFY Events is looking forward to get a request for your individual incentive tour in Portugal and especially in Porto.
The colorful streets of Porto and the Portuguese sweetness of life are waiting for YOU!